Vehicle magnetics are good for when one needs to advertise on their vehicle, but on a temporary basis.

Usually sold in sets, each set consists of 2 x magnetic sheets with the graphics on.

Each sheet is usually the standard size of 600mm long by 300 to 400mm high. The final size depends on vehicle make or preference. so any size can be made to your requirements.

Vehicle Magnetics

A few examples:

 Some FAQ's on Preparation, Use and Care of your car magnets:

Q: Do vehicles need special preparation before applying magnetic signs?

A: Both the vehicle surface and the black magnetic side of the sign should be clean, dry and waxed prior to applying.

Q: What is the best way to apply a magnetic sign?

A: Let one edge of the sign contact the vehicle in the desired position. Then slowly smooth the sign from initial contact position to the opposite edge. Ensure that the entire surface of the sign is smoothly magnetized against the vehicle with no air bubbles underneath. If you are unhappy with the position of your sign, simply peel off, reposition and repeat the process.

Q: Do any surfaces present problems?

A: Care should be taken with wood grain panelling and metallic finishes. Such surfaces should be checked weekly. A generous waxing of both the surface where the sign will be placed and the back of the sign itself will help prevent damage. Magnetic signs are not recommended for repainted surfaces.

Vehicle magnetics care and guidelines:

  1. Always store your magnetics flat, preferably on a metallic surface, when not in use. A loose roll is also fine. Never bend them.
  2. Always clean your car surface of any dust, grime or grease before putting the magnets on the car.
  3. Sometimes, the magnetics need to be "primed" before first use or after a period of storage. This means that they need to develop a strong magnetic force. To "prime" your magnetics, put them on your car or any flat metal surface, for at least an hour before driving off.
  4. Always clean the rear parts of the magnetics of any dust or grime before putting on your car.
  5. Try to avoid putting over ridges on car. At speed they might fall off.
  6. If you clean the face (graphics) side of the magnetics, always use a very soft cloth, with warm, not hot, water. Never use any solvents or domestic cleaners.
  7. Always remove magnetics before or after it has rained, and allow to dry thoroughly. Leaving the magnetics on your car after the rain will be liable to cause your car's paintwork and magnetics to rust, and in some cases, to permanently bond, especially on old vehicles.
  8. Try to avoid placing on the bonnet. The excessive engine heat and sun will melt the magnetic onto the bonnet over time.

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